Fees are a matter for agreement and there are no 'standard' or recommended rates. However the chart below will give an idea of how much it costs us to give a full service for each client dependant upon the cost of the works. The cost will vary if your project is either more or less complex than average.

Fee Graph

From the chart above, the maximum fee for a job costing £30,000 would be about £4,500, while maximum fee for a job costing £100,000 would be about £11,000. These fees are open for discussion.

A breakdown of out full service is shown below and should you wish to have a partial service then the fee would be reduced accordingly, based upon a reasonable assessment of the building cost.

This is the work carried out in our full service.


>  Design

>  Pre Construction

>  Construction

>  Completion

  • Initial meeting
  • Survey of the site
  • Sketch designs
  • 3D Illustrations
  • Approximate pricing
  • Drawings for Planning
  • Design and Access statement
  • The Planning application 
  • Liaising with planners
  • Detailed drawings
  • Structural calculations
  • The Building Reg application
  • Detailed specification
  • Tender documents
  • Builders tender report
  • Site inspections
  • Further detailed drawings
  • Amendments to drawings
  • Payment certificates
  • Discharge conditions
  • Building Regs completion certificates
  • Defects list
  • Practical completion